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Introduction to Waxing:


This course will provide the student with hands on and theoretical understanding of waxing. By the end of this module the student will be able to perform complete hair removal services for the face and body.

Subjects covered in this course:​​


Practical Training

Written and practical Exam

  • Anatomy of the hair

  • Hair growth cycle

  • Hair structure

  • Contraindications for waxing    

  • Before and after treatment

  • Equipment, supplies and materials

  • Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Written exam

  • Practical exam (model needed)​

  • Full leg and bikini wax

  • Full arm and underarm wax

  • Eyebrow and upper lip wax

  • Back and shoulder wax (men)

  • Chest and stomach wax (men)

  • Single Dip Method (wax pot)

  • Cartridge Method

  • Strip Method

  • Hard Wax Method

Evening and Weekend Classes Available

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